Help me with this please!



Hi does anyone know how to send private messages to people:fearful:
I'm only new to the forum so can someone please help me.


I would tell you, but they are not allowed on the forums.


Really? But how do the Hopscotch people do it and what if u have a coding buddy and you want to talk to them but u want the project secret?


Well, pms are banned. And we can't really "make one" but enter one and invite you.


There IS a way to make one but u aren't allowed to

I got suspended for being invited to one (thanks @Liza really appreciated that)

I don't think the rule is helpful or even logical

They claim they can't monitor everything so guess what! You don't rule our lives and if u want to watch the pms then have more leaders


I don't really agree with you because :

  • Liza suspended you for your own safety

  • PMs are dangerous


Welcome to the forum!
I hope you have much fun here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ya reallly dangerous,@liza banned me once


I know you wouldn't, but someone else could.


I don't really think anyone would do that if they cared about their safety


That's why THT doesn't allow pms. If something happened to someone (which could possibly happen happen 1/100000 chance XD) then it would be THT's responsibility. They don't want to take that risk.


Still don't like the rule

This could happen on any app or website
Insta, snap chat, Kik
Yet they don't have all these rules

They have dms on insta which is basically a pm


But HF is kinda more kid friendly while insta, snapchat, etc are more for teens.


But those websites are not directed at young kids. The forum is.

Also, PMs aren't really needed. It's a lot of extra work and monitoring for little things you don't need.


I don't think it'll be tht's responsibility. It could happen literally anywhere on the internet, but the website doesn't really get into legal trouble.
Like take Instagram or something. People share their faces, and sometimes even addresses. But they never get hunted down. Even if they do, it'll be their fault, not instagtam's.
And I'm pretty sure somewhere in the terms and stuff says "you are responsible for what you do here"

I don't agree with the rule, but hey, what's done is done


Ur supposed to be 13 and up technically so don't play that argument


But it actually says you have to be over 13 on the forum XD
And there are like 8yr olds with insta

But yeah


Regardless, the forum is directed at young kids. Maybe 8-14 (but there are users above and below that age group)


I know that
I'm still saying, technically there's no difference


Not meant in a rude way, but it's not about you.
You and I both are wise enough not to do that – as are many Hops.
The problem is those who don't know. They could get into all sorts of trouble.

This is a kids' forum (mostly), whereas with other websites/apps, the user is responsible for themselves (which is why they're aimed at teens+)

Plus PMs could lead to secret bullying as well, or gossiping.

Sorry if this seems rude. Let me know if is :slight_smile: I was just presenting my reasoning