Help me with my pumpkin project!



Hi I made a new project called 'Pumpkin HELP!' I am trying to make a 'new pumpkin' feature and I am trying to use values and it is not working! Please help either @Madi_Hopscotch_ or @Kiwicute2015 Thank you!


Are you trying to get
When new pumpkin is pressed
All of the clones disappear?


I think she/he's trying to get it so that the drawing you made when you tap new pumpkin it goes away.


Add a new rule to the clone thing:
When new pumpkin is tapped
Set invisibility percent 100

On your iPad pressed rule, at set invisibility%0


Yes! 20 characters :frowning:


I did that and it works except when I press new pumpkin I don't have any clones :frowning:


When iPad is pressed
Check once if new pumpkin = 0
(Pumpkin Caving Code)


Set position to (wherever)
Set value new pumpkin to 0


Something went wrong... I published the project.


Or you could
When New pumpkin is Tapped
Set position x:9999 y:9999


Thank you! That works except it still won't reset the clones when I tap new pumpkin :(.