Help me with my new update on my drawing pad (HSB colors, Code, Suggestions and more)



I finished my draw pad, SuperDraw a few days ago. I will be happy if anyone can give me feedback and help with the new update.
The draw pad right now: It has the basic features and only green colors + Black. You can choose three different sizes and turn on or off the cursor.¨

What´s coming: It will be great if i can add some more colors, but I have currently added a option where you can choose a bigger cursor and have started to work on new sizes. I also have some other things planned, but that´s a secret :slight_smile:

What you can help with:

Hsb colors: Find some great colors and add them here. I will add them to the drawing pad and of course
give you credit!

Code: If I need any help with code, I will ask you here. But, I only have one thing to ask right now. @CreationsOfaNoob, I have found that some code you use for the change size-option on you drawing pad useful. Can I use some of it, and add some of my code, if I give credit to you?

Suggestions: If you have tried my drawing pad out (SuperDraw 1.0 by William04GamerA), it will be great if you can give any suggestions to improve it!


Can you give me the link please
Also can I help you find some HSB


I can give you the link when I am on my iPad next time. It will be great if you can help me with finding HSB colors!


Of course you can use it! I'd be happy if you gave credit :D
What part do you want to use, by the way?


I am thinking of using the code that makes sure the size selector has the right position. My code also worked, but it was a bit laggy.


Here's the first version's link:
Updates on my draft:
The size options works fine now, and a fill function is also added.
Thanks to @CreationsOfaNoob for some of the code in the size selector.


There's an easier way to have lots of colours.


Yes, but not HSBs. Or, is it?


It does include hsbs.




Look at Chocogast's art pad.


That works too. I think I'll use my code, it's not so much harder :slight_smile:

i have posted a lot of smileys now :slight_smile:


Thank's Everyone for helping!


Version 1.1 is now released: