Help me with my game plz


Can anyone help me with my clicker game if you can help me I'll publish it so you can save it as a draft


Sure! What do you want it to do?


Well I can seem to get it so when you click the square you get the value up...I hate values xD


Okay, that's not too complicated, may I see it?


Sure but I have to eat so I won't respond but I'll post is for you XD
You can make any improvements you want also


Here's the project @IShallNotBeNamed



Idk if this answers ur question but,

When squared is tapped

Increase value points to 1

Is this it?


Or, try this, it's a little better.


Now what the code for the things you buy is it like
When is tapped​:cow:cow-100
Set value of (something) to -100
Increase value (something) by 2
So you get +2 each Tap


I don't understand what you're trying to say...


Like when you buy something to make the points triple and stuff


Can you tell me the name of the project, or take a screenshot of the code? That way, we'll be able to understand what you need help on!


Here's a link of what I have @Snoopy
Except what @IShallNotBeNamed add is not on here because I still have to transfer


It's like this:

When 100 is tapped

Check once if points > 100

Increase value points -100

Repeat forever
Wait milliseconds 1000
Increase value points by 2


There's a problem with your project loading on the browser.


Ok well then idk xD @Snoopy


Sorry, I can't help then. I need to know the project name in order to find it on my iPad, and then look through all the code. I'm on a laptop right now so I can't really do that.


@Himynameismeredith1 it doesn't take away 100 it just adds on


Here @BaconStudios I added the thingy idk why I put a kebab tho XD