Help me with my art pad please!


strong textI need help with the code on my art pad. The pen code is bad and I need help. My name is NeonicWolf on Hopscotch so yeah. Plz help!


Does it leave dots??????????


No it's just won't draw. Like idk the code to make it draw. When I try it is dotty.


Do when the iPad is pressed set position to x last touch x y last touch y. In another rule, do when iPad is pressed draw a trail (color) (width) set position x last touch x y last touch y


Could you put a link to your project?


I think they only have set position in the draw block. Most people make that mistake xD


Welcome to the forums, @NeonNyan!


Welcome to forums! I hope you have fun on hopscotch! :smile:
Back on topic : Could you please either send me a link to your project or post a screenshot of your code, so I can help figure out the problem?


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Someone on Hopscotch figured it out so I got it. Thanks for the support though!


Ooh, when I made my drawing pads, they would leave dots, it was so annoying!


you forgot that it should be tapped, and not pressed.


I never had that problem, for some reason.

Also I am not a noob, I've played this game before sin/cos.



Everyone here is very supportive so feel free to ask anyone if you are unsure of code or the forum. :smile:
Here are some links to help you with the forum :


Belated welcome @NeonNyan!
Feel free to tag me anytime you want help! Just type "@KVJ"!

How can I help?


Thanks KVJ for asking if I need any help! Well, I have moved to a new school, and i don't have any friends. If we could chat daily or whatever fits with your schedule, that will work. Thanks!


Yeah. Oops


Thanks! They really helped a lot! Thanks @PumpkinGirl!


Um okay...
I don't chat on HS if that's what you mean, but come to my general topic on the forum and we can chat a little there!

Be sure to try and stay on topic :slight_smile:

Do you still need help with the pad?


No I got it with the pad. I also mean chatting on the forum. Ill go there right now! :smile_cat:


Always happy to help! :blush: