Help me with boxing code



strong text_ am i doing strong text right?
Okay i need some help with coding i want to make a boxing game but idk how


Welcome to the forum! I don't know really a lot about this maybe ask @Funky_63_Greenland but this is a very complex code!


Hi i kinda just wanna do 1 complex code ever week or random day i think i can handle complex codes


Okay i will ask funky


What I typed invited him here!


.-. How do I invite people


Wait until you become a member and then you can :wink:


Is it turn based? Or quick-time?


Quick turn


How do you invite people?


If no ones helped you in 10 hours time from now. Would you like me to start some code for a boxing game you can use?
If you haven't replied by 10 hours from now, my offer will be invalid


A lot of values will be involved...


Sure (filling text filling more text)



(Insert really long box of text here)

What happened to the help text thing?


I'll wait to see if @Funky_63_Greenland responds to the invite first.
I'd be surprised if this happens
If he hasn't responded with an offer to help,
I'll make the player with controls, but you'll have to do the rest of the code.