Help me with an awesome project



Hi guys, I just wanted to ask you to help me make a website that's called Hmail. It's like ■■■■■ and outlook. If you would like to help or learn more about Hmail, ask me.


Well, if you don't think this is related to coding, I just really need all the help I can get.


Okay, fine. But I don't know a lot of people.


Sorry, but the Hopscotch forum is for talking about Hopscotch. :slight_smile: Is there some other place you could think of a way to get revenge?


I don't really think you should say these things on the hopscotch fourm


Well, okay. How do you delete this thing?


You can't sorry :frowning:


Or recycle it
omg my fav part in dis song is happening :heart_eyes:


or recycle


How do you recycle? (I'm not good at any of this stuff.)

  1. this is not Hopscotch related
  2. revenge is bad and belongs to God


Got it. Everyone, please delete your posts. I'm going to change the subject


Victoria:comet: is my hopscotch name.


This new idea sounds cool, I'm glad you recycled! So, you're making a website on hopscotch?


Hey your name is Caroline!


Mine is Caroline too

Oops sorry off topic


Yeah. It's like a email website. I know it's like really, really, really hard to achieve so I want some help.