Help me with a planned game name



I am planning out a game where you can use colored blocks to make a mini 2D world. Like, you have a size selective menu, a color selective menu, then you can tap on the screen to place a block along with use a hammer to destroy a block. What should a call the game? Yes, this is hopscotch related, I will leave a link to the game when it's finished. So, can you help me out with a name? Thanks.




Meh. I'm thinking a name that's not a thing that is just there. Like, an annual name. All games that are on the App Store and such, have like this kind of thought out thing with the name, and I thought something like Infinite 2D______
But I don't know what to put in the blank. I'm thinking of some ideas, which one do you like?

  • Infinite 2D builders
  • Infinite 2D construction
  • Infinite 2D imagination of builds
  • I don't have any clue
  • how about this: (post suggestion below)



How about 2D infinite @Hoppertoscotch


@AHappyCoder hmmmm, I don't know about that one. It sounds, indescribable, like, that could mean 2D infinite hot dogs, or anything. When this is not like that. Sorry if I seem like I'm being picky. I'm really sorry.


Well ok! But when you see the name and it does not quite give enough info you want to learn more(I know I do!)


you could use a name like "SHAPE MY WORLD"


Ok. I will use that, but I will change it to "Shape My 2D World"! Thanks for the idea, @Stradyvarious!