Help me with a hopscotch project!


So, basically this is all I'm gonna say, I need help with making a Bad Apple Shadow art project. Any help?


Sure, what exactly do you need help with?


Or can I make just the end of it (Ying yang)


YING YANG!!!! Basically... just ying yang


Video with shadow art:


I guess you could do it using trail art


I need help with code. I am not a smart coder.


If you wanna use trails, you'd need curves. For that you could do a variation of

Repeat ...
   Move forward ...
   Turn ...

Or just use some CoSine.


As part of the code itself, I need some numbers to get it straight. It's Ok, let's do starter code first. (Estimated time: about a week or so) :smile::blush:


Cool. How do you wanna start?

For a perfect circle, use the same number for both Movement blocks.


as in the main code "move forward 100"?



Remembers the number of repeats X the turning number should = 360°


Of course. the width should be +30 width or below? also the color IS white, we can lower the brightness of the main background color (which is white of course) :sunglasses:


Ima gonna start the project soon. thx for the support BUT WE NOT DONE YET!


How it turned out:


I'm on an iPad mini btw


Use a smaller turning number, and a higher repeat number.


Repeating times 400? Turn 20?



You could do
Repeat 360 turn 1. Kinda slow...
Repeat 180 turn 2. Faster.
Repeat 120 turn 3.
90 4°
72 5°



Ahhh, Ok. I've only been on hopscotch since April 2016. I do test sine and cosine but not much, I plan on "upgrading" my skills, let's just say. :thinking::laughing::blush: (ps. I like emoji)