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Hello everyone. I need your complete and undivided attention please.
Every day over 10,000 volts of electricity are used around the world, and a large quantity of it is smartphones, tablets and computers like we are using now. However, if we carry on wasting all of the world's electricity, we will soon have none left and be forced to use nuclear energy to fuel our cars, televisions and all electricity powered objects.

But, anyone can help, including all of you Hopscotchers on the forum. On Sunday 20th March, make a difference for your environment and turn off your smartphones, tablets or computers and help save the world from losing one of it's most powerful fuels.

Even if you can't do the switch off, then please help raise awareness by alerting other Hopscotchers and forum users to help.
You can make a difference.
If you know any more people who might like to help, notify them, add them to the chat and hopefully we can all help to make the difference together.


There is also solar energy...


wow... i don't even know what to say.. this.. this is AMAZING if it okay with you i would love to make a project on this! March 20th... marking calendar


Thanks! Of course you can make a project!


Yep! I'm doing it! I am also making a project on Hopscotch about this I think;) As much as I love Hopscotch and the forum, I gotta take a break.


I'll join!


Hello. I noticed you mentioned me in this forum and I'd LOVE! To help. I don't use hopscotch often but I'll gladly help spread Awarness through the forums since I use an iPod more.


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Original message

@SocialSpaghetti, I think your name is great. What a fun name!

But your use of electrical terms... not so much. It just needs a little work. I like your "conservation" themed message, so let's add some pieces to make it a little better. Would that be okay? I hope so. You requested the "complete and undivided attention" of the forum. I request only yours for the next few paragraphs. Deal?

Also, before you misunderstand my response, it may help you to understand that (1) I am not a kid, and (2) I am a physicist - a scientist - and I love to help younger people with science! :slightly_smiling: I have taught classes on the subject that seems to have captured your concern; and I think you will have some great contributions to make, as you learn more about this subject. I only want to add to what you are saying - not to subtract from it. K?

1. It makes no sense, really, to speak of an amount of "electricity" in "volts". Yes, volts are a unit of measure applied to electrical things. You got that part right. But trying to speak of electricity usage, based upon voltage is just like trying to talk about water usage, based upon pressure. Yes, pressure is what causes the water to move, just as voltage could be thought of as causing electrical current to move. But pressure is not the same as the amount of water (or electrical energy) that has been used. Does that make sense? I hope so. We call things like "volts" or "amps" or "kilograms" or "pounds" or "meters" or... whatever... the "units" of what we're measuring or talking about. With electricity, just like with other things, it's important that we're talking about things in the right units. I mean... you wouldn't know what someone was talking about, if you asked them, "How long should I wait?" and they said "fifteen centimeters." :slightly_smiling:

2. Unfortunately, it makes even less sense to speak of "10,000 volts" being "used around the world " each day. But you're going to like this one! You can rub your socks on the carpet and generate 10,000 volts - and even more! I do that all the time by accident in the winter. It's so crazy! :smile:

3. What you really want to talk about is Energy, which can be measured in "Joules" or "Kilowatt hours". That will make a lot more sense and be less confusing, when you're talking to people about electricity and about how we generate and use it around the world.

Now, this might be cool: Maybe you can find-out for us what the world's daily electrical energy usage is in "Kilowatt-hours". I bet the number is huge!

Also, I would be happy to share more with you about electricity in the future, if you would enjoy it. We can even make Hopscotch projects on electricity. Please keep learning about it! It's so cool! And, yes, do use energy wisely and conserve! I like that message. Thanks.


That took a loooooooooong time to read... but very nicely said
@oio :clap:


I can add it into Stick News. (if anyone watches it...)

Stick News latest episode (off topic)



Other than using nuclear fission/fusion, electricity can be:

  • Generated from rivers
  • Gathered from sun
  • Generated from wind blowing on electricity fans

So I believe there's no reason to stress about electricity, but my concern is water. Tons of tons of water is used every day, and there still is none for everyone in Africa and other poor parts of the world. Out of all the water we have on Earth, we only have 1% of fresh water and 99% of dirty water, and it's extremely hard to purify. So although I respect your opinion entirely, I'd say we need less water usage and electricity doesn't matter as much. :wink: