Help me This is really annoying!


Every time someone replies to a topic that I don't know I get notifications!!! This is annoying like every second a notification comes like '17 replies to I am a new Forumer' how do I stop this? Please help! @everyone


Go to the topic, and check if you have 'Watching' on.

If not, switch it to normal.
If so, switch it to normal. XD


Maybe you put that topic on watching....


You can change the topic settings to Normal. :)


It's about all of the topics so I just can't go in every topic and mute it!



Go to the topics and try to set the most active ones to normal. :D
Or try to set as many as you can.


Whoa! You might have a tag on watching! :open_mouth:


I know I left to eat dinner and I had 1101 notifications!


You put help on watching in your preferences
Remove it and remember to save changes
This has happened to me once


I won't work!!!! Arghh now I has 806 notifications!


Oh dang it.... Just check you preferences!


I'll try again! This is really annoying!


Make sure you save changes after you do that.


Maybe change the word bloody it could save you a flag! But I won't flag it's just a mistake!


Wait do you live in Britain?