Help me put more effort in to Projects!


I think that some people post way to much projects that are just "Like for this, branch for that! I have seen some great projects go down the drain in newest, because it gets overlapped by projects that someone just remixed!🙁:sob:[enter link description here](http:/Moreprogramming less remixing) Some other people need to spend more time looking at projects, and supporting the good ones! Who agrees!?


I totally agree!! But:

Did you do this on purpose or by accident? :sweat_smile:


I am still learning how to work this forum.


Press the little pencil on the bottom right of your post, then delete the mistake, and there you go! Fixed! :wink:


Do you mean to help others put more effort?
I can change the title into that if you wish.


I don't know, I want people to put more effort in to projects, but I also want people to stop remixing little projects to show they have done it.


Go ahead and change it to what you think it should be.


tip:dont lie <(do this without parenthises if not enough characters)>


Yea. It is rare now to see something out of imagination on newest.