Help me please :(((


Where do I find the set angle from bottom of device block? @Valgo @Petrichor


Anyone can answer if they know where that button is I just tagged them because I thought maybe they'd know...


The "set Angle from bottom of device in degrees" block was renamed to "set angle". It should be in the movement tab.


But it's not by degrees


Is it? Because it's not working the same way for me


It's supposed to be by degrees... what is happening in the project? Can you share a screenshot?


It's just set angle now.


It is still by degrees I think :smiley:


I think older Hopscotchers might still have the older version of the block. Still, both blocks are slightly different. If your Object was already turned and you didn't want to subtract you could just put down the Set Angle from bottom of device to zero...oh wait a minute that's the same thing...🤣


Set angle is the new name for that block.
Everyone has set angle.