Help Me Please!



Hello World
Hello Hopscotchers.
My name is IcePOP, known to Hopscotch as -IcePOP-. And I need help.
I need help with things like...
- Replying to posts
- Creating stuff on hopscotch
- Raising my popularity

If you can help please do.


First like, first reply!

To raise popularity, just make great projects!

To to reply to posts, just tap reply!


Hello! Thanks for seeing my post!



@IcePOP welcome to the forum! :D


Tried and tested.
No one notices.


I figured! I was looking at posts that had a lock symbol!


Well, the only thing you can do to get more well known is publish projects! There really isn't anything else you can do. XD

All the "well known" Hopscotchers here worked hard to make awesome projects, and now people know who they are and like their projects! :D

Welcome to the forum @IcePOP! :)
If the topic has a lock on it, then it means a leader or moderator has closed it. You can't reply to closed topics. :)

omg hi @qusid


Welcome to the forum @IcePOP :D


By the way, you get limited replies on your first day.




Thank you! Been on Hopscotch for nearly a year but I still haven't been noticed.


So I can't reply to multiple things heaps of times?


No you only have like 10 or so replies. But you can edit old replies by clicking the ••• and then the pencil :wink:



That's ok! Work hard and I know you'll get there. :D

Observe what kind of projects people like if you want people to notice you. Notice what sort of projects get on trending, featured, etc.

I wouldn't pay attention to this, though. I don't focus on my follower count or how many likes my project has, Hopscotch was made for coding, not social media. :D


Welcome! I'm Komplettverrücktjunge, more easily known as @KVJ or just KVJ :wink:
Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime you need help with anything :slight_smile:


I do, but it's always nice for people to recognise what you are doing, I want to show people that I am just as good but not as well known!


Nope, you also have to promote them.


Watching videos and reading tutorials help :wink:

Raising awareness is good for that :slight_smile:


How do I do that?? I repost mine multiple times but it doesn't seem to work.


Is this your account @IcePOP?