Help me please thicks


So, since the @LamspBlueverryJuts, @tom and @meerur accounts (and a few more) started to exist, it has become a trend to have weird accounts. The forum birthday party was a birth to our very own @seasoned.apricots and @Qusid, as well as some others. I'd like to say: that's awesome! Except... I can't figure out who's who. XD

So if you could please fill out this directory, that would be great. Thanks again! :slight_smile:
Please put weird accounts only! (Dank spelling accounts)

@smishsmash: @Tinyy_avocado
@Anonymous: and definetly not @meerur
@Chappie: @AHappyCoder
@Koke: @codingCupcake123
@Pingu: not @TOM and not @Tangerine
@PopTart0219: idk who @seasoned.apricots is hmm
@Giraffedolphin26: obviously not @Kip
@EnchantedAnimallover: totally not @CrOuChYCarrOt
@hopscotch_king:using my totally active account @iampurpleshep
@Banyan: new @GysvANDRegulus
@bean: is not @JaggedJeans at all.. It's just a bean :p
@Burnt-Tortilla : is totally not @iReesesCup at all. I mean. She doesn't even like burnt foods. but she's still my friend :D
tankt2016: MiracleShoutouts

Dank Tepic fo denk mem pepl (dank topic for dank meme people)

Don't forget koke
She was born too


But who is @seasoned.apricots and @Qusid?

Dun Dun Dunnn



^^^ look please. :)



I knew it @AHappyCoder
So shneakeh smol ashparagus potatoe XD


eshpereges peteto

et wus keel


I cant eddet beecuz eye am u baesick
But @Blurbyblurb iz @Blurbyblurb haha gett rekt i amm going too keap it u seecrit


K I will ask mods then


halp I cant edit eithur
I gues I wil kep beeng a secrt then >:)
until aim reveld by mods :00


Pleaz doughnt let a sai it virbuly


i thought this was a fun idea at first, but making random alt accounts without purpose annoys the heck out of meh.


I'll nvr tell!!!!


Oar wil u? Hmm...


Ore duz it? Hmm...lel


I am seriously confused. What is this topic about, and why are people making so many forum accounts for dank meme language?


ooh I want an account...


@Pingu or @Anonymous gice me name pls thicks


Thanks for making this @Anonymous. Me will be leß (ß==ss) confuzzled!


what are you saying? speak my language please.


How about
Dietcoke.elevatorable? XD