Help me please! Project stuck in Filter!



I think my project is stuck in the filter! @Liza or anyone else can you help?
Here is the link :


Maybe someone like it I'll see if I can see it


What does that mean?

Anyways, you can always email the hopsscotch team. They will help you.

off topic



I might email them later


If your project is stuck in the filter but you still want people to see it, you can always post another project with the link saying that the project was stuck. You could also comb it for words/concepts that get filtered and then republish it!


I did look through it for words but couldn't find any
I will publish a link on here though


Or you could copy and paste the link into a text block on another Hopscotch project!


i suggest this topic for a tiny bit of help for the filter.


I notice the most recent topic was 18 days ago.
But, read my guide, the link is provided in the post above.
Are you sure if it is in the filter? Like it, then look at your liked projects to see if it is there. If it isn't, your project is in the filter. Then you can do what Serenity recommended.
Awesome project, by the way!