Help me please! I really want to do beta!



Heeeeelllppp I got hopscotch beta and you know the trust thing, I can't find it in settings! Here! Let me prove it to you:

Please help me this is the first time I ever got a chance for beta and it can't work unless if this question gets an answer!


Hi. Currently the Hopscotch Beta app is not in a testing stage. This means we can not open the app right now. However when they are back in a testing period you can go into settings > general > profile > and than tap on Hopscotch Enterprice App and hit trust.

Hope this helps. :pig:.


Also updating to the latest update Helps. Right now it's iOS 9.1.2


ok. I don't get why they sent me an email saying it's out, when it doesn't work.


I have just got an email with the beta app @PhantomPig


I don't get it either, but I do know that you should keep the link because that is the link to get it when it updates.


Ok, should I delete the beta app, wait a bit and re-get it? I'm asking this because of the information about re-getting it on the email.


Yes, when @Ian emails everyone about it, delete the app and then download it again.


I updated my iPad, waited like 5 minutes, the profile thing was there, I did it, tried the beta app and it worked! Wouldn't of happened if you didn't mention the iPad update!


:smiley: Thats so funny. Mine Personally wont work because i broke the app with my account... OOPS!!!!


Wait wut? @PhantomPig


The Hopscotch Team mentioned specifically that the trust setting is only if you're using iOS 9 :wink:


Where do you get the beta app from and can I please have it?


I now I am using IOS 9 and it wouldn't work until I updated my iPad to the latest update.


I can't either see????



Try going in settings I can't remember the steps.


You can email the Hopscotch Team at about being a beta-tester. Beta-testers test out new updates for bugs or issues before they are publicly released.

@Fifithefunnyflower here is the GIF from the Hopscotch Team explaining it. If you have iOS 8 and that message pops up, then I think you need to update to iOS 9 to be able to do this.


Thanks! Will be the same or is that different?


I think will be fine :smiley:


Yay thank you so much I LOVE the new profile pics and log-in I tried the chain and there was a problem with the Projec s when you click on some of them, all that comes up is white YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!