Help Me Please... I don't know how



How do you create a poll? Or an editable post? Can someone help me plz?


* Hi
* Hi
[/poll ]


Without the space, and your good!


[Is this how you make a poll?]


Um... It didn't work


Make the forward slash:


Not \

That should work!



Tap/clock that little gear icon! Then tap/click 'Build poll', and then build a poll! XD

Or you can do...

- Hi
- Hello

Editable post:

Tap/click the "..." under your post, tap/click the wrench, and then tap/click 'make wiki'. :D

You unlock it once you reach the Regular trust level. :D


Is this how you make a poll?

  • Yes
  • No



Thanks @SmilingSnowflakes and @KatrinaPlays!


Also you can't make an editable post as a Member but edit by clicking the ••• and then the pencil OR by clicking the green box!

Try here:

I edited it!

Yep you did! Good job :wink:
Hi @kvj nicely taught

Thanks @Murphy1! Do you have something to do :wink:

No I just got on :slight_smile: wanna talk some where else?

Talk to a hopscotcher? @KVJ?

Hai @KVJ I am anonymous >:3

GICES COOKIE --> :cookie:


No, I was going to try it myself, it did not work.

Yes it did :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it does now. :neutral_face:


Try again perhaps?

SS posted how above btw


It worked!

  • This is awesome
  • This is even awesomer



SBYP there are some tutorials out there already. Also, try using the "Build a Poll".