Help Me Out With This Code! (BETA TESTERS)



Can you guys help me out with this new project? I want to see which bugs are there, and I want to fix them so…

Here’s le link…

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How is the project?

  • Awesome!
  • Good!
  • OK.
  • Meh.
  • Not good.
  • le barf

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The idea is very cool, but I think you should use more advanced physics and try to make text arts instead of emojis. Overall rating from me is “good” :slight_smile:


Amazing project!! Great animations and I love how the hearts break when you get hit by one of the police. Great idea! :D


I like this it’s creative. You should probably fix the sound though. It seems to be going for a very long time if you get hit. Maybe you could also add more things to dodge, a distance counter, a score, levels, and small things that come around that can add a life if give you a bonus point. Sorry about the paragraph. You definitely don’t need to do any of these it’s a lot.


My rating is “Ok”

There is an awful audio glitch when you lose a life