Help me make art collab



hi I am artandstuffcollab and like the usernam says I am hoping to hav peple help me and make art caan anybodee help
the usernam is artandstuffcollab and so is the pasword


I can help!
My Hopscotch name is: TheCodeBase🤔™


thank you! it says I need to have 20 chacrters here? so I a, tiping


What do you wanna make
2020202020 body invalid


umm I think your new here, have you seen all the topics made on stoping the roaming hacker(s) going around hopscotch? you really shouldn't post you'r password on the forums


art and stuff, liek the name says


I'm not new! I'm 6! baby's are new


or your age 20202020202


Don't worry age is okay to share on the forums @justanerd :smiley:

I think it's a collab account too, not a personal account. Just be careful though, like @justanerd said, unfortunately there are hackers trying to get into people's accounts :(


what are hakers?, they sond meen


Yeah hackers are mean :( They try to get into your accounts without asking you and do mean things on your account.


my brothers are hakers?


If they're not being nice to you and doing mean things on your accounts, you should tell your parents or a grown-up. On Hopscotch, you can let the Hopscotch Team know about anyone who isn't being nice.


Hackers aren't just mean people.


Like @t1_hopscotch said, hackers are really big meanies who take away all of your stuff. They are not nice, and they can get into your tablet or iPad! They do it for fun, and to other people like you, it is not nice! 🙁