Help me make a movie!


Hi Hopscotchers! I wanted to tell you about my idea. I want to make a movie! I wanted to make a movie about how Hopscotch was created. I will ask @Liza about how Hopscotch was invented and then will make a movie based on that or I can make up my own story. So, I need someone to help me. I will be director, and I need actors. The actors won't really be acting in the movie, but they will code the people or animals. So, next I need 2 people who are going to make the backround and how it moves or changes. I might even need another director. This is a lot of work, so I will try not to pressure anyone too hard. If you are unable to be part of the cast, then tell me and I will replace you. I don't know when the movie will come out, but it certainly is not going to be 9090 by then! P.S:I would love you to join if you made a little character before. If you do know how but is your first time doing it, try something new!


Finally someone liked this!


Can I be an "Actor"? This sounds like an amazing Idea.


Okay. I don't know what you should be because I just emailed Liza about how Hopscotch was created. So, yes, I've decided to make this movie based on the real story.


Amazing idea! Check out this video, it is how they created hopscotch:


I can be an actor! This is a really good idea, as well!