Help me make a 3D game


Ha ha, I still laugh to this day for this becoming featured


Lol that’s weird!!!


Yeah, I agree but still I need to make a 3D game so how…?

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You can ask they if they can make a copyable version for you maybe?


Well there’s a question for u… would you like it like my car game or first-person-view 3D

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I know this was what 80 weeks ago even more… That is when I just got hopscotch… I published this game at like 7:30 and then woke up with a featured game. Who know maybe you can make a 3D game and who knows maybe it will become featured (wink, wink) :rofl:

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Well a start could be like a top view but like a scrolling like me scrolling website. Ya know

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And maybe there will be a microwave project besides your 3D and will have 10X more plays LOL

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Ok not correct 66 weeks ago…


I know how to do that! Would you like me to teach u or to make it for u?

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Ha ha ha very funny…

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Ok sorry I didn’t meant to insult U


Sure, could I copy your code or… Do you have something else in mind if I copy your code then if you want I can give you credit if you want.

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No credit is needed! I think that when I give FTU code to people, I open a door to them, to see what they can do with that code!

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No you did not insult me I really meant it in a funny way (me laughing) I can’t put emojis on my iPad it is to slow it takes foreverrrrrrr!

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Ha lol! Mine is a little bit laggy…

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What does “FTU” mean? Never good with this stuff…

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“Free to use”

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Well I have had this iPad for a long time this used to be my moms… Wow old iPad.

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Wow… that’s old… my phone used to be my dads and battery is trash…

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