Help me make a 3D game



The doubt…


Im not! so…


What! I wished I lived in Mexico. Right that is where you live?


guys let’s GBOT please, thanks!


Ok, sorry (Get back on topic) I think that is what it means. Ok…


yeah correct!


Yep! Well LGBOT


So if you saw what I said I think I know the basics. Now actually coding the game. @Rodrik834 do you know anyone that has a tutorial for making a 3D game or does anyone else know a tutorial? Also, I have heard that @ThinBuffalo you know some stuff about 3D games so could you help me?


Have you seen @CreationsOfaNoob’s new 3D engine? You can take a look at the code!


The one that got featured yesterday or something else?


Yes that one! It has 3D basics code! But I don’t understand so guess it’s not that basic lol


Ok, let me get on my Ipad I will be back…


Ok I’ll wait for ya


I am back sorry for waiting so long. My iPad has the hopscotch app on it so…


Ok have u seen it?


Is this the one? Because if it is I have but not the code


Oh yeah credit to @CreationsOfaNoob for making this


Yes that one! It’s awesome! Don’t ya think?


Yeah, agree no wonder it became featured so quickly. Mine get featured with at least a few days later and man that game became featured so quickly. Nice idea and design @CreationsOfaNoob


Yeah I know! They is awesome!