Help me make a 3D game



Yeah but to make the Pokémons move


Like change pose?


What are u talking about


About creating images that move


Like what images?


Like the “Pokémon the game” images


Images based on pixels


Oh ok :ok_hand:t4: Just use squares


Yep but requires lots of clones and each clone needs to be manually configured


I know this might already have been said, and this is 3 days old, but I made this project: (HS did something to their webplayer and everything got really laggy sorry. It isn’t my fault.)

I know this is Terraria not Minecraft, but you might find it interesting.


To make it like that, type <pre> your text </pre>


(To make it bold, type <b> and </b> or put your text in double asterisks like this: **Hello**. To do italics, do <i> and </i> or do single asterisks like *this*)


It wasn’t really a prank… (Tap on the blur to remove it.)


Nah that is my trick and I knew it as soon as I came here


Yes I do.


He probably won’t. Who knows.




Beneath your project, press the little grey upload button. (The square with an up arrow in it.) If you are on an IPad, a menu will pop up. On the bottom of the menu, scroll across until you find ‘Copy’. Press it, and then press ‘Paste’ on your keyboard in the message composer here!


Not nessecarily. It depends how complex the character is though. If it fairly simple stripes or something, it’s really easy, only a couple ‘Set Pos.’ blocks. If it is a more complex pixel art design, it would take lots and lots of programming.


No, but the person named ??? Has a name and is not my username or anything related to me but (Secret (lucky) he will show his face and reveal his name at the end of the tournament…)


actually the images do not move… I use y and y blocks. I found the images online and got every 300 whatever pokemon saved. I just use images…