Help me make a 3D game



Ok thanks. Do you know how you just posted your game? How do you do that?


Hey @Stylishpoopemoji33, @Rodrik834, @A_Twissted_Studio, and Ivan 10 you can join my Pokemon the game tournament in hopscotch…


Awesome! Thanks!


Ohh!!! May I use It???


Yeah! Why not?


Yes, it is FTU. I’m also going to create a tutorial on how to make a simple game with it.


Just follow the rules on there


No problem! I´m here to help anytime.


These rules:
Are you on @Rodrik834 and @A_Twissted_Studio?




Are you on? What will the tournament be about?


I’ve wanted to make one but I don’t really know coding well. If you put enough time into it you could make something pretty cool


R u on? @Awesome_Coder_25


It is about “Pokemon the game” people enter into the Tournoment and basically get a shoutout if you look at all the views I am going to make a poll to see if the main character should win or someone else the wants to participate (Example: You)


Right now I am

  • Main character: ???
  • someone that enters into the Tournament

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Who do you think should win the Pokemon the game Tournament?



What about emojitecture?
Like, typing emojis to make a character?


Awesomegirl25 is an actual user and she’s Stylishpoopemoji33’s sister.


Really dat cool