Help me make a 3D game



This thing blew up…


what do you mean?


It has a lot of replies.


Oh, well i really needed help


Still working on the promblem


Yeah. Sorry I wasn’t able to help.


What’s your account on hopscotch?


Thats ok, Awesome coder 25. Im at school so I can’t go on I can go on at the time i said like 4 times


R u on @Awesome_Coder_25?


Yep right now perfect timing


Oof perfect timing oof!


@The_Crafty_Painter I am sorry for what happened I have the membership or whatever I wish you had a membership that is how I was able to make the games on my account.


I am not joking I just got on :open_mouth:


Wut happened?


Oof cool :sunglasses: noice


Oh, It said that she had games with images and drawling and then it said that when she logs out all her games with images and drawings will delete because she needs a membership or whatever its called. Oof, I feel bad.


What??? I have a membership it ends soon… :disappointed_relieved: it made me have 2 featured but I did have 1 featured and 1 rising without a membership so…


I said what for the reply For the text I just sent sorry for the capital “F”


You don’t need membership to make awesome images! You can use clones!


True but images like the ones I use in my game