Help me make a 3D game



Oh ok thanks.


The list is the OMTL.


Ohh ok. Refreshing worked.


What is OTML


Official mass tag list


Read this:


It is a group? right did I get it right?


Yes, it is a group.


So in the group you just have (Of course talking about hopscotch) fun get some help and code cool games but dont be mean or say POMT but with the @ and thats it? @William04GamerA


Or is there anything else im missing I don’t like getting banned or in trouble or anything like that.


Yep. However, the OMTL is just really a tag (like the one you used to make me see your post). The OMTL is not a private chat group, it is just a list of people that all will be tagged when you tag the OMTL. Think of it as a big “tag group”. Do you understand now?


Oh ok, so if I tag OMTL everyone will see it, But isn’t everything not private?


Everyone on the group will see it, yes. And what do you mean with private? There are no private groups or message on the forum. Everything is open :slight_smile:


“OMTL is not a private chat group”


Im probably reading it wrong.


I officially get it YAY! so long sorry.


It made me think there are private group chats


Ok lets go back to this ignore the previous stuff just a brief talk (Im new so…)


I am on so @Awesome_Coder_25 if you need anything I am here


Im in class later at like 3:55?