Help me make a 3D game



Uh for me its 12:03


Well I have few minutes


Oh ok bye!!! :wave:


Just had recess


hey, @A_Twissted_Studio you on? if you are see the reply.


The OMTL (Official Mass Tag List) is a big list with real people that you can tag to get people´s attention. However, please follow these guidelines:

Do not overuse - Use it once per subject, and not in General Topics. For other cases, see below.

Use it in the post you want people to see - Nobody likes scrolling. Well, some people do.

Only use it for things you can contribute to - Something something don’t tag for smol potatoes.

Don’t tamper with the list - It’s annoying when someone messes it up.

Remove yourself if you leave - There is a limit of 150 tags, so remove yourself so you don’t waste tags

If you have updates or questions about a project, you can use an OMTL-like list, but it is called @ POMTL (Project Official Mass Tag List without the space)


Ok, but what does “Do not overuse” and “Dont tamper with the list” ?


Basically don’t use the list too often and don’t edit out other names!


They both mean that as this list tags a lot of people, you should use it carefully and not to often. One example is that you should only use it once per topic.


The list for the group?


Yes. You can´t really edit out other people´s names anymore though, so don´t worry about that :wink:


I dont want to do anything bad so…


So like doing this Hi (I just wrote Hi)


Don´t worry! Just don´t use the list to often and only when there is something important that you want people to see. And for stuff related to projects, you should use the POMTL instead.


I guess that counts, but you cannot really tamper with the list anymore so don´t worry. It used to be on a post that everyone could edit, but it was made a group when groups were introduced.


Could you delete the post that I post that I put (POMT I think the first post)


It seems like you already deleted it yourself.


I have I accidentally pressed the delete button but it is not deleted (It says it for me)


Try to refresh the page. You usually have to do that :slight_smile:


What is “The list”?