Help me make a 3D game



Please help me make a 3D game I’ve always wanted to make one.


I think that someone like @CreationsOfaNoob or @Petrichor know about this; weil sie die Besten sind.


That’s very hard. @CreationSofaNoob has been experimenting with 3D “engines” in Hopscotch so I think they’re the person to go to.


Here is a helpful topic:


You should definitely ask @ThinBuffalo. I’m still studying their code myself…


Did you know that the new guidelines require you to put an English translation of every post?


Give me an Idea of what you want and I could build a part of the game you want


This is a basic one


What I would like to make is a game where you walk around and do cool things and unlock secrets. And fight monsters. (Basically Minecraft)


Thanks for the info.


There are already a couple projects that you could use to create a 3D game.
However, I just started working on a basic easy-to-use 3D engine, which might be done possibly tomorrow but otherwise later this week.


Ok, thank you for telling me


To make a 3D game you have to have basic variables

Using Z will give a 3D type game
I will make an example by the end of today


So I’ve seen one of rodrik’s 3D projects and it looks complicated i’m only in 6th grade and I don’t understand math and variables that much. So is there an easier way to make a 3D game or could you show me what I should know about making a 3D game.


Ok, I will try to get on Hopscotch and see. I know what “x” does and what “y” does but not “z” so… I got a lot to learn.


Z is a variable used in games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Apex, Roblox, etc.


I don’t know but the square game looks very complicated I only work with 2D games if you see my hopscotch account/profile.


So to give it that 3D look?


X is for the (2D) horizontal positioning of the object. Y is for the (2D) vertical positioning and z is the up/down positioning in a 3D plane


What is your username for hopscotch