Help me @liza, PLEASE!


So, I was making a ravenclaw logo on hopscotch, and I used a "draw a trail" block for the circle. Then, I added another text with a "draw a trail" block for a stripe. Without the stripe, the circle stayed. With the stripe, the circle disappeared! And I didn't change the code for the circle AT ALL!


Can you show me the code




Not right now, but I will try(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




Ya I have NO idea what im doing eiether!


I am confused. I gtg though, bye!


I afraid we won't be able to help you much unless you give us a screenshot of the code...


I know. I also made this topic because IM BORED OUT OF MY MIND right now.


Well if you could post screenshots we could help


I know but it's a draft and I'm on a different device.


Could you take a picture of the code, then?


Well, I can after school TOᗰOᖇᖇOᗯ!


Did you use a wait block at the beginning of the code for the stripe?


Maybe @KVJ or @CreationsOfaNoob or @William04GamerA can help you.


Yes (sorry late reply)


Thanks @danaball20 for inviting me and suggesting me as a help.
I mostly do shape art, but I know about trail art and I might be able to fix your problem. But in order to do that, I would need the code for the project. Can you reply with a screenshot of the code or a link to the project that you are talking about?


Hopscotch has been really buggy recently for me as well when I try to made trail art. I tried to make a project with similar code before, but the result was everything disappearing for no reason. HS really needs more QA/beta testing. :\


Can I? :000001010101000


Wait, A AWESOME AMAZING GOOD Person wants to help me?! faints