Help me in this struggle!



There is a kid in my school named Brian, his birthday is tomorrow. He is one of those kids who is silent, but nice and smart. Everyday in our theatre class he is bullied by some of my former friends. I see him eat lunch alone every day. So, back on topic, I want to celebrate his birthday, it is 3/11/16. Plz help make his birthday amazing, please make a little game, or project. I want to cover Hopscotch with this, to make him happy, name the project #Happy B-Day Brian

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is this legit?

I'm really sorry, I wish I could 100% prove this is legit. I really hope you can trust me, I don't make up things like this it is just so sad and terrible. If you really don't beleive me just leave this topic alone and we will still be chill

I don't think you understand, I am about to flag this

Well, I hope you read everything before, but if you are really just that skeptical, talk it over with me. One on one. I will do everything and anything to prove this.


I ain't on the friendly tag list......


Sorry, I just came up with it in a second. Anyway gbot


Please only use the BAS approved tag list, I don't really like being tagged in long tag lists :confused:


I love this!
I may make something, if I do, I will totally link it to you!


Sorry, where is the BAS one I will take this one down @Giraffedolphin26


Any support is cool, be it just commenting on this, or making a huge project


That sounds like an awesome kid.


Yeah, he remains very happy and friendly throughout all of this


I'll make a small project for him. :D

Is there any certain things he likes?


Well, he likes clash of clans, soccer,


I remember the hard time I had at school and my friends made me this huge posted and it warmed my heart.


What's his favorite sports team?
If it's the Broncos, I can totally make that happen in like three seconds. :wink:


Um... He was rooting 4 the broncos LOL


Does he truly like them?
Peyton Manning, I'm still in tears over that.



Yah, he does I'ma make a project now


Me neither ;-;

i cri everytiem


i'll make a project for him! does he have a hopscotch account?


I shall make something!


I will totally do this! It sound like a lot of fun! Tell Brain just remember the hope!