Help me improve my new game


I recently published this new project, and I realize it might be confusing. Less than 50% of the people who have played it liked it, and although that's a good amount, I spent a long time on this game, and I'd like it to be as good as I can make it. I don't want to sound like I'm begging for likes- that's not my point. I just realize that it shows that this game has a lot of room to improve. Please help me out and tell me if you notice anything that should be changed, including any unfixed glitches (there shouldn't be a ton left in), unfavorable game elements, or anything you personally don't like. Thank you!


I love it! It's a little laggy but that's alright.


I agree, a little laggy but GREAT GAME
Now I like it even better, GREAT GAME again


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Can you make the bunny's legs a bit smaller?


is this good?


What should I do to make the game easier or harder?

@Bubbles4Ever929 and @MYD, shortening the bunny's legs eliminated a little bit of the lag. I'm working on more. Is there any particular thing that seems to be the slowest/laggiest?


Not really it was just the whole game. Let me try the new version

Edit: wait I don't think it's out yet. But I think you should add enemies that block your path


Okay, I'll try. I'm thinking of adding a life system too.


Also the bunny should have hands...


Related: the life system is already adding lag
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Who can beat my score?


@Anonymous, I'm thinking of adding music to platform bunny, and I have a question: do you you know if adding music produces noticeable lag?


If it's super long, then yes. If it's just a short tune, I don't think it creates lag.


Amazing! Don't know why they didn't like it.