Help me I'm trying to make a game



Does anyone know this game?...

Well I'm trying to make it its when you have to tap the screen for the circle to move up because it's falling and it's not allowed to touch the line if it does... You loose

I'm having trouble doing the falling and tapping part can anyone help me on how to do it? I tried the flappy bird video but it doesn't work I need help with it falling and tapping the screen for it to move up


You could place a tiny circles x-y position forever at the top of the O x-y position.
Do the same with a second tiny circle forever at the bottom of the O x-y position
When you tap the screen to move the O up, the 2 tiny circles will be always at the top/bottom of the O

When the top or bottom of the O touches the line you can play a beep or set the O back to the start.
When the tiny circles touch the line code this to happen as they always are at the top/bottom of the O

Here's the link to the project I made for tapping rising/falling for you.


I made a game similar to that. I didn't have enough time to make the lines zig zag though.


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Yeah, the flappy bird video works on gravity.



At start
forever change y by -5

When ipad tapped change y by 25

This is a simple code to do.