Help me... I'm not well


Have some of you noticed I haven't been on hopscotch that much anymore...

I am currently having some... Issues.

Lately I have been losing some important things..

Confidence, happiness, and strength to do anything.

I've been on the forum a lot, and have been "happy", but...

I just wanted to warn you guys if I might get a little angry, or whatever, I just want to say thanks for what you've done.

I might leave soon if I do get out of hand, though.

Please take note of this,


VanillaAngel's General Topic

If you ever get angry on forum, just step away from your phone (or computer or whatever XP) and cool off. Don't say anything you might regret later!


I hope you feel better soon! Remember, all of us here on Hopscotch will forever and always be there for you. <3


I know how you feel. If you need to take a break or even leave, that's fine. Just do whatever you think is best for you. And also, it's completely fine if you show other emotions, it just shows that you're human. Just try not to get too angry, if you do, just sorta try to calm down. I hope you can start to feel better.


I'm sorry, I hope you feel happier soon! Just remember, we are here for you! If you are angry, probably stay away from electronics. But it's fine to be angry, everyone gets angry!


( ゚д゚)
Oh no!:anguished:
I really hope that you will get better soon…:slight_frown:


Okay, I'm trying my best to stay positive on HS!
I think I'm doing good!
I think...


Thanks for all the support, guys!
You guys are the best, this is why I love the forum!


You'll be good! You'll be good! You'll be good!


You ok Katrina?
I'm a lil worried…