Help me, I'm new


I just started here and it was only recently I discovered how to post stuff. This article here is supposed to be a place where people can share tips and help one another!


what do you need help with? i'd be happy to give some advice, but believe me, there are better than me, by far, but i can help get you on you feet, what do you need?


@TappymLP, I'd be glad to help you. Just post anything you have questions about and I bet a lot of people would be happy to help you, including me.


I can help you.
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Well the title help I'm new was something I created this morning, it was supposed to be a bit of a thing to help newer people and those who don't understand. Currently I just want to learn how this whole thing works so I can get around more smoothly. Just a few facts about here is all I need. Thank you to all who replied and read.


There are also GIFs, you find good websites (gifs are short animations)
This is what you should do when welcoming people so:


Thank you for the tip! I'll try that out.




It's SOOOOOO hard to get it to work... (isn't it?)


Hopefully this will work...


Will this work????


There aren't many rules to the Hopscotch Forum, just be sure to read the Community Guidelines and follow them. Share tips, help, experience, etc. and be friendly to others. Have fun and learn to code!


And look at For other tips,and one of my favorite ever gifs!!!


Wow!! That's amazing!! Thank you to all for the amazing help and support!!:wink::smile:


An easy way to get gifs on Hopscotch is to save them as images on your iPad by holding them down, then deleting them if you don't want them afterwards.


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


and there are Secrets!!!

click t͎h͎i͎s͎

That are awesome!!!

And fun!!!!!!

How to make a profile pic on the forum?