Help me I’m freaking out



I can’t find my general topic!!!
Really,I can’t! I’ve literally lost all trace of it! AND I DID NOTHING TO IT YESTERDAY!!! I didn’t delete it…
But in my emails I can still receive messages from the chat.

Last night I tried to access it but it would say “You can’t access this topic” or something.
Please help…


Your general topic is in the random stuff category, which users with a member rank and over can access.

You’re still a basic user.

I’d move it out but that would be breaking forum rules :pensive:. Hang around for a couple more days and you should rank up soon enough!


Oh,okay! Thanks a lot! :smile:


Somebody probably moved it into the right category to be nice, and unfortunately, you don’t have access to that category yet,


Basics are not allowed to have general topics as per forum regulation 025 article A

You’re welcome

014, PhD, md, od, bcd, cea, leader of 014 Productions, official forum rules knowledge dude.


oh…thanks i guess…


Wait, what? I just joined the forum yesterday. What’s this about “ranks”? How long does it take tor and up?


A “rank” is like a trust level. Since you just joined,you don’t have the required rank to view the “random” category.


Here is more info on trust levels if you need more help (this article is the BOMB and really helped me when I first started)–