Help me. Glitch? Something wrong? HELP!



Ok. So I am making a Halloween project (I got the characters by remixing a different project) and something is not working. WHY?!?
So, I put this code:

The wait block is because of this code:

And with that code, this is the results:


@Hoppertoscotch, put the blue moon in the second picture after the brown trail, then it will work I am pretty sure.


Was the black thing a text thing? Cause then it wouldn't work becuase the text is covering the leave a trail. If not I have no idea how that happened. Hope this helps!


But then it won't be where I want it to be! I want the bats to leave the trail to prevent more complicated code!


Maybe the project is HAUNTED:ghost::ghost::ghost:

just kidding!
Maybe if your"kill" the app or restart the iPad it might work


KILL? What?!?!?!?!?!!?!?


It's basically the "double-tap the home button" thingy.
Sorry if that confused you, it's just how I say it.


Ooooooooohhh! You mean to close the app and re-open it! Now I understand!


Your wait 10 milliseconds is too short. Make it 500, so it will work. If you're confused I can give screenshots.


I understand. But now I need to wait to do that.


It doesn't take very long, just half a second :wink:


I know. But my account is hacked. You just replied to the topic that I made that said that.


Ohh whoops :joy:. I thought you meant waiting for the project to load.


Haha ok that's funny. Cheered me up a tiny bit.