Help Me Get To Featured!



I have been working on multiple projects... I try my best but I never got to featured. The top number of likes I got is 315, but it took 14 weeks for that to happen. I think Hopscotch has been a little unfair to me so far since lots of people who started Hopscotch after me get on featured. Otherwise, I am fine and it barely bothers me about anything.


Don't do this for attention, plz. But, I will still help you!


I have attention already.


I just dont get noticeed a lot anymore


I don't think this is for attention... @Unknown2016 is actually a really good Hopscotcher! I think if he/she was more noticed, he/she would be on trending often and also featured! I requested this user for a shout out on Anonymous' form! He/she should be noticed, and I think a featured would help!


I don't know if you saw this topic. But its a place where you can give a link to a project to nominate it. THT checks it out, so that's where some projects get feautered. You can nominate any project, even you're own. But HS was meant for having fun and coding. :D


I agree with @ElegantAngelEmily you shouldn't do this for attention, but I will give you tips!


oh yea, BTW im simply unknown


im npot doing this for attention


im losing attention, ok?


Well, here's a tip first make somthing that no ones made before, be happy, don't give up. And have fun. Plus I am one of your fans can we be coding partners


315 likes!!! Do you realise how much likes that is??
Nvm, I just re-read it :stuck_out_tongue:
I know exactly how you feel :confused: 2 of my friends have been featured in the same week! @MemorableChicken and @KVJ! I'm not complaining that I don't get on featured though! I am glad with what I have, and that is a lot. You will get there! Make that, 'one day' TO day!
XD that sounds so cheesy!


315 likes it alot! good job!
hopscotch isn´t for gaining attention! Its for learning how to code and taking help and suggestions and feedback from OTHER coders!! :wink:


We love you! And the most likes we have ever gotten are 33 on "Random tune 2.0!", most plays 52! On our "Food Cooker!" Game (currently has 18 likes,)


read carefully. 14 weeks.


You get an average of 42 likes.


0.o Really?!
I did nawt know that...most of those people I know (follow)... Ummmmm....wadoisay?


Hopscotch is so that you learn to code. It isn't supposed to be about getting a lot of likes. Just keep trying to do your best, and people will notice you more! By the way, I'm still trying to find your account @Unknown2016.


Hey there, @PandaBlossom! Thanks for the mention, PB!

Also, to @Unknown2016:
I'm not sure how to guarantee a feature but here goes:
1. You need to have a really good idea. It needs to be original. That's how my Regenerating Man project got featured. If it's not a completely new idea, then take a current trend, and add your own spin on it! Like, with my Angry Cat project, it was like Angry Birds but with a cat, mice and the ability to fire multiple times, which few projects had at the time!
2. Develop your idea with some pretty intricate coding. Add cool backgrounds that change. Code the project for all outcomes and all that.

Hope this is a help,
PS, sorry for the essay :joy:!


@KVJ you follow me and you know how much effort I spend on projects, my username is Simply Unknown