Help me do drawings please?


So I really can't do art but I'd love to know how! Can anyone please help me draw and stuffs like that?
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Hi, you seem new and welcome! But, there is a drawing topic, and you can learn there!


Hi again! Well, I've done a few drawings on my profile, so I can say this: get a stylus. It really helps. Another thing would be to make a drawing pad yourself to avoid excessive remixes on your profile. It kinda complicated, but for a person who got a feature on their first project, it should be no problem! Also, I recommend making your own drawing style. It gives you a sort of 'recognition' as an artist! P.S. I followed you! Also, congrats on your feature!


I'm bad at drawing...I watched a couple of how to draw videos in YT and it don't help at all


Have u been thinking of a profile pic?


Well, you should know this already but if you don't ... In hopscotch the only way to draw properly is to draw in the colour first, then the outline, you can start simple, like what i did with my first drawing project: yep, thats it. Literally one colour, no colouring in. Just outlines. Then i proceeded to draw slightly more complicated things later, adding in colour and such.


Yeah but I think it'll be a logo. I'm planning to ask some artist to help me draw a logo.


Hey, is this your first day?


I will!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD


@Refugeecat123 Cool! Let's give it a try! And it's my second day inter forum...


Oh good. Didnt want u to have limited replies


K, what do u want as a logo?


Since I was a basic, I haven't ran out of replies and likes


I don't actually know..Kurt something that says...DinoProductions™


Lets see.....


K, i was thinking something like this:


@Refugeecat123 Woah! Perfect! But there's still blank spaces.... could you possibly add something there? Something Dino-ish?
Oh and u forgot the TM


Personally i think the blank spaces in between make it look cool, modern and simplistic!


Oh, thats off the internet lol
Im drawing now!


Thats mine