Help me design my art pad



Could somebody help me design and code an art pad? I have trouble coding.


I might be able to help with some stuff, like width and hsb settings!


Ok, thank you! So, how could u help me?


Values I guess, there’s a lot in drawing pads lol.


Values? What are those?


They’re those yellow blocks.

And they’re really helpful for me, they let you have one object that, say, tells another object to move forward, when Bear is touching Monkey or something like that.




How many colors do you want your art pad to have?


Oh, thank you. I dont really use those so i didn’t know… :sweat_smile:


Maybe about…6 to start out…? Rainbow colors


Hello! Here is a really good and detailed tutorial:

If it is too complicated, just let us know :slight_smile:
We are here to help.


This might help for HSB art pads.


Oh, jeez. That’s alot of words. But i can read it!


Cool! Just tell me if it is too much and I will help you find another tutorial.


Looks like William has you covered! (Do you want me to call you Will? What do you prefer?)