Help me code Hopémon go


Help me! Monkey 6 is supposed to turn visible when fight is tapped but it's not working! Can you help me code it? Remix with your answer! Thanks for helping!

Check the code here:


Will help ya in one sec


I think you need to change invisibility to 100


EDIT: sorry I thought it said invisible, it should work


@Zachyswag when is this 'Monkey fight" value set?


It's not, it's going to be hard because there are other characters


Ok, so Monkey is not showing up because the value hasn't been set yet. Correct?


What did you do with the other characters?


No, it was set when monkey 3 was tapped. (Or I don't know if it was monkey 3, but the value is set when the first monkey on the list is tapped)

Tap on the Monkey in this rule in Monkey 3:

And scroll to Monkey!

Tap on Monkey!


Basically change Monkey 3 to regular Monkey :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh! Thanks! I'll give you a shoutout when the thing is finished!