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5 :s


Quick question, how do I get onto the OMTL??? I feels left out... :,(


You are supposed to add yourself. It is like that so people who don't wanna be tagged don't get tagged.


I don't even know how to......
so now I'm calling myself a newbie.


@malie took 5... Whoever voted that please change your vote @CreativeCoder


I didn't vote tho XD


Sorry I meant @AHappyCoder


I've had five for a day/two days now so please don't take it to :blush: I don't want people to get confused.


6 is boss because popsicles :stuck_out_tongue:


I just like four cause it's cute.


Where do you get all these awesome gifts?! The storm trooper and the sloth and my favourite.


I won't. I'd get confused too.


I search animated ___________ gifs dribbble and a lot come up. Put whatever you ar looking for in ___________. @RobotPro


Can someone unsquish my sloth?
@AHappyCoder @CreativeCoder @t1_hopscotch @everyone @Gilbert189