Help making egg (CLOSED)


Can anyone help me make an egg using Sine and Cousine or find an egg like symbol (Not :egg:)? Oh by the way, like an egg a chick would hatch from. It doesn't have to crack, I just need it to look like one. Here is the draft, so it doesn't have that tag in the top. I'll still give you credit though! Link:


I will if you give me a sec to do the coding!


It's not the best most accurate egg ever but here! to ineggidy and beyond!!!


Thanks! But could you make it a little bit fatter please?


Yes. Yes I can. Hold on!


And also color it like tan please


Ok like colored in? Or just the outline?


Colored in sorry I'm so demanding :grin:


Done and done. moomoomoolink




No problem! Just don't forget to add credit @Paydent19