Help Making Curves



Hello everyone,
It is now time to confess and ask for help on my problem. I know how to use sine and cosine, make cool backgrounds, use values, and do tons of other stuff. I have been liked by famous Hopscotchers, all the time hiding my secret. I don't know how to make a simple curve! I am currently coding a treble clef, and I'm not sure about the best way to go about the curves. My first thought was sine and cosine, but there's got to be something simpler. I have to make quite a few curves, so something simple would be best. Thanks in advance!


You can well one second!




I am trying to code this:

Not the backgorund, just the treble clef, so I need to make multiple curves.


I usually use repeat (this depends on how big it is and how much you turn and move foreward) times leave a trail move foreward 1-3 (depending on what you want it to look like) turn 1-3 (same thing). Sorry if this is confusing.


What about an oval shape? Sine and cosine?


Thats probably best. For some ovals I move foreward one and turn negative two. You could start by setting the angle to 90 degrees if you do that.


Thanks so much! I ran out of likes, so: :heart:


Good luck making that treble clef!


I didn't realize until now it might be a little more difficult than I first thought!


Yeah it looks difficult! But it's not impossible to make!