Help making an object appear when a value is greater than or equal to 100



I’m trying to get a object to appear when a certain value gets to, let’s say for example, 100, but whenever I try, it only will appear IF the value is 100 and not above. So if I have 101 it won’t appear. If anyone could help, I would appreciate it


I want the object to be able to appear above 100 and not just at 100


Have it appear when value if greater than 99.


Here’s the code:
When (variable)=100 or (variable)>100


I would try

Repeat forever
Check once if (variable)=100
-set invisibility 0 percent
If else
-set invisibility 100 percent.

Or you could use

When (variable)=100

  • set invisibility 0 percent

When (variable) [insert the not equals sign] 100

  • set invisibility 100 percent


I think both of those would result in

The best way to do it would be two when blocks.
When value is less than 5e number, and when value is greater than the number minus one.


The solutions above seems to work. I would try them first and then ask for more help if I need it.