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This is the very first Hopscotch forum (drum roll?!). Help make it great. Share your ideas and suggestions for the Forum here :slightly_smiling:

We’d love to hear your thoughts, particularly:

  1. How do you want to use the forum?
  2. What do you want to add to the forum?
  3. Anything else!

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Help? I am new!
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I wish there was a "Need Ideas?" section! I'm fresh out.


I'd like to be able to get advice here on problems I'm having in Hopscotch. I'd also love to be able to help other people out.

I'd like to be able to browse various tips & tricks about Hopscotch coding.

I'd like this to be a place I can show off a cool project I just wrote, or that someone else wrote.


Maybe there could be a page for collaboration projects so hopscotchers can easily communicate to each other about the project.
I think there should also be a page that hopscotchers can put their favorite projects on so other people can see them.



Hi asha.
I was wondering if you could help me or I could help you.
Can we please set up a new update with the log in again so I can get my old account back.
Also can I please be a beta tester.
From B.O
P.s if you don't do beta testing can they tell the people at hopscotch to reply to me on here :sunny: :wink:


SQUISHY made a request that we use it. I copied it and now I am using it. Am I not allowed?


Hey Liza
Can anyone use this?
From bubblyoreo
Or do I need an invite because I got the link to this of SQUISHY.

Bubbly oreo Re: Forum

@Bubblyoreo I made a new post for this because it's not relevant to this topic


I think a How-To category would be helpful! Maybe it can be more specifically for sharing guides, tips and how-tos whereas Help with projects can have more of a focus on questions.


Sure! I love that idea! Hopefully we can make that work someday!


Add a web app for the fourm, so when you add it to your home screen it will open in it's own little app :smile:


A tutorial showing all the features perhaps? I personally can't figure out how to post with out replying.


Aha, I've figured it out.


Hey @ColeDJ here is @Madi_Hopscotch_'s tip on how to access the Hopscotch forum from your home screen pretty much like an app!


@t1_hopscotch Yes, but that opens the fourm in safari. What I was meaning is a web app, so when you add it to your homescreen, it does not open in safari, and that it works very fluent. Look at Kahoot (, and how when you open it from it being added to the home screen, it opens in its own app :grinning:


Oh okay I'll check it out!


Adding on to @Aes2015 idea, quite a few people (Including myself) had no idea how anything worked when er first joined. I think some sort of interactive tutorial would br nice, where it guides you through and actually lets you push buttons and see where they take you (Obviously people would not actually be able to post topics form the tutorial, everything in the tutorial would be "sandboxed" which means while it may look like you are posting a new topic or liking someone elses, it is not actually affecting the forum)
I think having a hands on "See what you can do when you push this" tutorial would help peole learn how to use the forum.


This is a great idea @BuildASnowman!! Thanks for suggesting it. Totally agree it's pretty confusing when you first join :confused:

Two questions!

  1. We updated the look of the forum a little. Does it feel any different to you? Pretend that you've never seen it before.

  2. We probably can't make a sandboxed version quite yet, but what if we made a short video that explained how things work? Would that help?

Thanks again!


I think the forum definitely looks "cleaner" then before, which is awesome. And I think the video would be great to explainn to new users how the forums work.
There one thing I think could be bettered though:
I own and moderate my own forum for a game, and I have found that a big problem is that users join the forums for the first time because they have a specific post in mind, and they do not get the fact that they have to sign up to make a post. I think even if you are not signed in, the "Ask a question" button should still be there, but if you click it and are not signed in it just brings up the sign in/sign up prompt with the text "You must sign in to make a post"

But yeah, the forum looks 200% better now, and a video for new users would be great.

EDIT: Also, at the"Welcome to the hooscotch form" thing at the top says "Need more helpl? Email us!" but doesn't give a contact email ■■■■■■.


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