Help! Lost hours of work on my project!


Help! I have been working on a draft for HHC2016 for hours. I turned off my iPad and went back on nothing I did had saved!!! Is there any way to get my work back?!
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I think there might be a way for @Liza to get your draft back. In the meantime, lets all hope that your project will be recovered. I'm crossing my fingers.


I hope so. The draft wasn't deleted though, it just didn't save. I don't know if something that didn't save can be restored.


Did you title the draft? I think drafts can be recovered if it is titled...


Maybe it did get backed up locally on your iPad but not on the cloud and can be accessed or so,e other kind of technockerry?

Idk :joy: im sleeepynot.


That happend to me.

Well, a way better project. I emailed them and they have not replied
hahahahahaaha im scared

I hope you get it back tho!


I hope so too! This happened on the same project once before too.


Wait it didn't delete...?

That has happened to me on an easter project. I worked on it, and when I came back, about half of the code was gone.

I just re-did the code though, I don't know how to get the code back...


That happened to me too! I sent Hopscotch an email about it and then I had to answer a bunch of questions! :0


Next time, publish the draft first. Then make a second account, remix the thinf on there, unpublished IT form your madi account, and remix the one you remixed.


Once I finish a draft enough to publish in a beta kind of stage, I always copy/paste code, so that if it gets deleted I can just paste it in!! Just a tip @Madi_Hopscotch_

the tags :0000


Oh no :grimacing:!
I really hope it can be restored, i'm sure it will be a great project!
I lost a little progress on my Halloween game, but that was because I am coding it on two devices.
Hi anon


Help! Now I lost progress too :grimacing:!


This happened to me too, when I made a CoSine project for Hoplympics.
Hope this draft will recover!


Oh no.....

@Rodrigo @Liza @Thomas @Whoever

Please help.

Guys just saying they can they once recovered my project


Thanks :D
It's no problem anymore though, I had the game on my phone too, and it kinda fixed :D


I feel you Senpai.
This happened to me before. I emailed THT. But idk what it was titled.
IDK what happen next...
I hope it recovered.
This happened to me A LOT of time.
Don't give up Senpai.


The same thing happened to me, too! I was working on my #HHC2016 project on the plane, when suddenly Hopscotch crashed and I lost all my progress :sweat:


@Rodrigo it's this one...


Oh no! I'm so sorry. What was the draft called? What device were you using? What version of iOS and Hopscotch? What had you been doing before you exited Hopscotch? (Just working on the single draft or going to between that and other projects, etc.?)