Help! Leave a trail block colour value hack not working!



Please help! I was making a Fuzzy Draw/Normal Draw Painting Pad and the hack to put a value into the colour spot of a leave a trail block worked for a while then it stopped working!

Thanks again for your help!


yeah sometimes that happens to me and it's really frustrating but I'm pretty sure you can just reboot your iPad and it will work, if not it will work the next day.


Thanks! I will defiantly try this, thanks again for the help! :grinning:


Hi @SuperStudios, I think the colour value hack doesn't work whenever you have a "Check If Else" block somewhere in your code. I've experienced the same thing before too and it's always when there's a Check If Else block.

To get around it, what you can do is:

  • create a new different random rule, which you'll be deleting later.

  • then drag out the Leave Trail block and use the colour value hack on it

  • create an ability which you'll be deleting later and just call it "Transfer" or whatever you want. What it will do is carry or transfer the Leave Trail block for you into the other rule which has the Check If Else block

  • drag the Leave Trail block into the Transfer ability. Then drag the ability block off the screen to delete it

  • Delete this new rule you just made and go back onto the other one. Then you can drag out the Transfer ability, open it and drag out the Leave a Trail block where you want into the code.

  • Last thing, just delete the ability (if you're not sure how to delete an ability, there's a post on that here) and you should be done!

That's what you can do to get around it. If these are hard to follow, let me know and I'll try to include screenshots.


Thanks @t1_hopscotch!


Woah. This was a while ago! Thanks for the help!


History!!!!!!! The Power Of History!!!!!!!!