Help, @Kiwicute2016!


@trust_level_4, a month ago, @Kiwicute2016 posted a user and password to an account. Now, there's someone there who is posting... inappropriate stories. I deleted the drafts and the story, but they might still make MORE! Help, please! D:


If you quote the post, I can edit the info out.


Oh no D:
I heard of that account i think D:
Did it start with K?

By the way, @trust_level_4 doesn't actually give anybody notifications.


What info?


The username and password to the account. As long as it's not important as of now.


Yeah, but in what post did she say that? If you link me to it, I can delete the info and you can delete the link.



I thought it was a forum post. I can't do anything about the project. Sorry!


Ohhhhhhh! I see what you mean. It wasn't a post on the forum, it was an actual PROJECT.


That why I tagged @Kiwicute2016. So she could unpublish it, and then change the pass to the account.


@Kiwicute2016 can change Hopscotch account passwords and unpublish other people's projects?


She created the account. She can change the pass, and unpublish, because, she created the account.


The password can only be changed if an email address was linked with it.


Yes. And being the responsible @Kiwicute2016, she probably would have done that. Now I sleep. :sleeping:


Ok. Maybe someone should ask THT to delete the account.


I can't. You?


Can this Hopscotch account be deleted?


If that person claims to be me, they are lying. I have nothing more to do with that account. Sorely disappointed about how people treat public accounts.


Can THT delete the account?


For now could you just change the password and not tell anybody else what it is?