Help (kinda sad and lonely)


 :(     :[

I have been having a great time on Hopscotch...... but I have been having problems, I recently uploaded a draw and Play, I have only gotten 2 plays, even though this only took me 20 minutes....... I also add when you press the IPad you go to that postion. IN my opion, I think it is very cool.


Awwwwwww it doesn't matter how many people see it, as long as you learn how to code and have fun, nothing else matters! I played it, I thought it was awesome! (Oh, one thing to notify you about, sadly, it doesn't work in hopscotch beta. I can't remember if I emailed the hopscotch team about it, but I will see.)


Oh, ok, thank you for telling me that it doesn't work on the beta! @Hoppertoscotch!


You are most certainly welcome!


Don't worry, same things happen to me as well. Just remember not to complain real bad about the situation and maybe remix that project and publish it again. Perhaps it might get a little better. Just always remember that every project you create is good and often has lots of effort inside. Just be happy and have fun coding on what you want to create.


@Berrymelon words that I read every day that put a smile on my face and keeps me going on hopscotch.


Aww, thanks @Hoppertoscotch! I read your replies that have information and they also are helpful for the community as well :smile:


Thank You, @Berrymelon ! I really appreciate you and how you are always around and about to say something heart warming! This is starting to get off topic, now I think about it.


It does not matter how many people see it, its the work you put into it what counts. Not even alot of people play the best of my best projects. Hope this helps.

P.S I'm new to the forum can you give me some tips?


Don't feel bad about it. I hardly got any plays for myminigame ghostbustergirl and my cat/mouse chasing game among others. The novelty of being on featured wore off after 30 seconds. Perfecting whatever project I do is motivation for me, not whether others like or play the project allot.


Thank you so much @Berrymelon!


Hi @Phase_Studios! I have had this experience and yes it is a real downer, but you've just got to lift up your head, smile and think of something new to work on, whether you like them or not. :smile: :yum:


Take it out your pocket
And throw on in the trash,ok


LOL, that is funny and helpful at the same time! Very good advice @Wow_woman, and thank you @Wow_woman, @ILoveSmudgey, @Stradyvarious, @silverstream, @Hoppertoscotch, and @Berrymelon. Thank you all!!!!!!!!


No probably at, doesn't take anything to be kind


You are very good at advice, and that is very true!


@Wow_woman, do you want to be part of my company called Phase Company.


What do you do on it


Link is here. We make games, I could probably make merchendise and other stuff, we talk about what we can make and ALOT of other stuff.


Hi you should not feel bad, even if u don't fit in. On e tip is to never share your private stuff.